Why Am I in Panama?

I grew up in the United States, semi-near Lake Erie. Our close proximity to Lake Erie meant several things: humid summers, deep snow, lots of rain, and fairly unpredictable weather. 

When I was nine, my winter pastimes were:

  1. building igloos out of snow
  2. throwing snowballs at siblings
  3. knocking icicles off the garage gutters

After he retired, my dad started looking for a different place to spend his winters. (Plowing snow off our long driveway and having our water pipes freeze was starting to get to him, maybe.)

Somehow he decided on Panama, so here we are.

I am not a traveler. Far from it. From 0-19, I had never boarded a flight. (I occasionally got homesick ten minutes away from home.)  

But even though travel makes me nervous, I had a bit of wanderlust, because I went with my dad and family. And that’s where I am right now. I blog, speak Spanish, and study online.



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