Hilarious conversations in Panama

Using laughter as a cure for stress

Today I’m focusing on the funny or hilarious things that have happened so far. To be honest, traveling stresses me out more than probably anything else. This trip to Panama has not been that bad, but still difficult. So today I’m trying to focus on the funny conversations I’ve overheard or been a part of.

I record these hilarious conversations in Panama para ti below.

A little laughter goes a long way to relieve stress.

#1 The “Noisy Guests” Conversation

Early this morning, I was sitting on my hotel bed and heard voices in the hall; my mom’s and a deep, unfamiliar male voice. 

Male voice: “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m trying to sleep. I do not get up as early as you. Please, try to keep the voices down. I’m trying to sleep. I don’t like to hear about the cell phones or the air conditioning.”

My mom: “Oh, I’m sorry! I’ll tell the girls to keep it down.”

Male voice: “Actually it’s the grownups.”

(Thanks Mom.)

#2 The “Soup” Conversation

My sister and I were starving for a lunch, so we ordered soup from our hotel waitress. A few minutes later, she plopped two huge bowls of soup on our table. 

Me: “The soup looks odd….”

Sister (digging in): “Tastes good.”

Me (pushing the soup with my spoon): “I’m afraid of my soup.”

Sister (laughing): “What are you talking about?

Me: “I just found a huge chunk of meat, a four-inch bone, and half an ear of corn in my soup. I’m afraid of what I’m going to find next.”

Sister: “Stop cracking jokes! I almost spit out my soup!”

Me: “I’m not making a joke! I’m serious!”

#3 The “Airplane” conversation

My mom: “Whew, glad we’re out of the airport. Betcha don’t want to go to an airport again any time soon.”

Sister: “Actually I do.”

#4 The “Gratitude” conversation

Sitting with my sister eating, still adjusting to Panama, I briefly forgot my resolve to be positive.

Me: “I don’t like the….never mind.”

Sister: “Huh?”

Me: “Nothing. I’m trying to count my blessings.”

Sister: “That’s right. Count your blessings. Not your unblessings.”

#5 The “Lara Bar” Conversation

We are bad at packing food. We have food, but we don’t like any of it.

Younger sister: “After two weeks of just eating Lara bars, how skinny will we be?”

Other sister: “Man shall not live on Lara bars alone.”

#6 My “Spanish Mistake” conversation

I was looking for a hotel worker, but wasn’t sure who worked at the hotel. 

Me: “Perdone me, trabajo aqui?” Translation: “Excuse me, do I work here?” I meant to say, “Do YOU work here?”

Panamanian Lady (laughing and pointing down the hall): “No.”

#7 The “Threatening” Conversation

My sis and I, dashing through the airport, finally arrived at gate D-2 for our last flight to Panama. 

Airport worker: “Where are the rest of you?”

Me: “They’re coming! At least I hope they are… please wait for them!”

Airport worker:  “They have three minutes. Will you get on the plane without them?”

Me:  “….I don’t know….probably not….”

Airport worker: “You better not! Your parents would skin you alive!”

 P.S. This was not funny in the SLIGHTEST at the time. I was flushed, sweaty, and at the point of tears. 

#8 The “Rice Dog” Conversation

Practicing Spanish in our hotel lobby, many Panamanians could overhear this conversation between my sister and I: 

Sister: “Can you roll your r’s?”

Me: “I think so. Rrrrrr.”

Sister: “Roll them with a word.”

Me: “Arrrrroz.”

Sister: “Perrrrrrro.”

Me: “Arrrrrroz.”

Sister: “Perrrrrro.”

To the Panamanians, all we were doing was yelling, “Rice!” “Dog!” “Rice!” “Dog” at each other. 

That’s it then!

Travel is stressful, no doubt about it. (Especially if you constantly second-guess your decision to travel, like me.) It’s always best to find something to laugh about. (Even if it isn’t that hilarious, laugh as if it is.)

And it worked! My sis and I cracked up again over these conversations. (If you don’t think they can be called “hilarious”, we might be laughing because we’ve gone crazy with the strain of travel.)







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