Living healthy is about simplicity

To be clear, I’m not a nutritionist.

But I do know what makes me feel goodand what makes me feel gross. This page is my personal experiences and my favorite health hacks.Through listening to my body (and listening to other people’s), I’ve collected simple ways to be healthier.



Health Tips:

Cell Phone Safety

Have you ever wondered if your cell phone is affecting your health? Find out why I waited til 19 to buy a cell phone, and how I protect myself from cell phone radiation. 

Blood Sugar

Do you get mid-morning hunger cravings or shakiness? Is your blood sugar wacky like mine? Check out my printable to balance blood sugar. 

Monthly Cycles

When I worked as a barista, I dreaded my cycles –  they made working painful and difficult. Through trial and error, I compiled my best hacks for cramp-free periods.