Taking the Bog out of Blogging

Printables, Calendars, and Tips

Blogging, for me, is an alternating series of two actions:

  1. anxiety-filled thoughts of “That looks waaay too techy for me,”  and
  2. frantic google searches containing the words “easy” “simple” “for dummies” “step by step.”

It’s working for me so far:) So I’m happy.

Do you struggle with the little, technical parts of blogging?

PNG’s, PDF’s, JPEG’s….converting and editing can be complicated. (They might be alphabet letters, but they aren’t even in order!)

Check out my blogging freebies below and quick how-to’s for some miscellaneous know-how.

Tutorials and Printables

Quick Tip for Staying Motivated – Use This Motivating Little Hack

Easy: How to Make an Image With a Transparent Background

The Truth About Blogging, for New Bloggers

Mess-ilanious Blogging: a Snapshot of My Workspace

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Music To Blog By: My Favorite Playlists

Concerned your blog posts are too interesting? Read How to Ruin a Good Blog Post

Afraid to Start? Read How I’m Curing My Perfection Infection

Best Productivity Books You May Not Have Time to Read

***Blog Gift****

Have you contracted Analysis Paralysis? (AKA the Perfection Infection)

I’ts a nasty flu to have.  (Unfortunately I’ve caught it. It’s curable, but requires intense therapy and motivational posters to get us off the couch and back to conquering the world.

If you’ve caught any of these illnesses, subscribe and download my free printable below. Simply print it out with a color printer, laminate and/or frame, and stick it on your wall!