Hablas Espanol?

Last Tuesday I was talking with my bilingual Panamanian neighbor, trying to get tips for learning Spanish faster. “No tengo paciencia! Quiero hablar Espanol ahora!” I said. (I don’t have patience. I want to speak Spanish now.) Grrr. The most frustrating thing is that I WANT TO COMMUNICATE. Communicating is one of my favorite things. […]

Panamanian Men

I would not be completely honest if I didn’t write a post about one aspect of Panama. Specifically, the guys. More specifically, they’re pushier. Male Distance I want to make three points. #1 In general, men come closer then in the United States. #2 Guys are bolder about asking you out/getting your number #3 Girls/women […]

Gringo is a verb

How we use the word “gringo” and why it’s important Imagine this scene: (it happened last Sunday) I’m walking along the questionable sidewalks of Panama with my sister and dad. Suddenly my sister stabs me in the side. “Did you hear that?” She hisses. “What?” I said. “Those guys.” She said. “They said a bunch […]

Learning Spanish in Panama

It’s a journey I wish I’d started at 5 or 6… But I didn’t so I’m starting now! The beginning All right, so my backpack and tennis shoes has been ceremoniously plonked on Panama soil for one month. It’s been a whirl of hotels, cultural awkwardies, meeting new faces, forgetting names, and not knowing where […]

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